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18 March

Will The SolarBullet High-Speed-Train Soon Become a Reality for Arizona and Southwest?


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So far I have written/seen solar powered car and solar powered plane in previous blogs of Sun Is The Future, but it was only recently that I have learned that the solar powered high-speed-train was/is actually on some one’s drawing board!  It is without a shadow of doubt that solar energy is one of the greenest energy sources and the idea of taking advantage of the hugely available solar energy in the American Southwest by covering the tracks with  solar arrays to provide the high-speed train with  necessary power and to generate electricity for nearby communities as well…is simply marvelous!

Will the SolarBullet high-speed train soon be a reality for AZ and Southwest USA?

The SolarBullet Campaign (at ), chaired by Ted L. Hullar, aims to stimulate support and awareness  among Arizonians to increase the chance of this project (building a sun-powered bullet train that could link Tucson and Phoenix in as little as 33 minutes, traveling at 220 mph) to come into fruition.

Graduate students in the Eller College and the College of Engineering are partnering on a consulting project for citizen’s group. A multifaceted team of graduate students at the University of Arizona will climb aboard a solar-powered train between Tucson and Phoenix this Spring, metaphysically speaking.  The team will analyze the economic feasibility conditions for the SolarBullet high-speed train to make economic sense between these two cities;they will produce a tool, a spreadsheet model, that can be used by , to generate and compare feasibility of  different scenarios.  The team is composed of Kevin Do (material science engineering), Chengdong Cai (civil engineering), Kevin Pieters (planning), Matt Novak (material science engineering), Jeff Gerber (MBA), Allison Duffy (MBA), and Paul Portney (economist and energy expert and former dean of the Eller College of Management as faculty advisor).

Keep in mind that as the cost of solar cells (will be discussed in future posts) continue to drop, the chance of the feasibility of this project will increase.  We hope that SolarBullet high speed train will soon become a reality in Arizona and Southwest of USA, where the sunshine is generous and in infinite supply.  But also for clarification, the high-speed bullet train (not solar powered) that had been causing heated discussion in the state of Florida recently actually would cost a lot less than the SolarBullet high-speed train.  But in either case, the potential businesses and jobs that these high-speed train projects would bring to the local communities would be tremendous.  Any state that will be able to bring the world’s first SolarBullet high-speed train will undoubtedly create a great deal of sensations in that state.

My hat off to the Arizonians with this innovative public transportation concept for using the free, non-polluting green energy from our greatest natural resource, the SUN!  For more information or to show your support for SolarBullet Campaign, please contact SolarBullet Campaign chair Ted L. Hullar at SolarBullet Campaign or and for questions regarding the team project please contact Liz Warren-Pederson of Eller College of Management at .

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