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Hi, Dear Readers of or,

If you are in favor of renewable/CLEAN energy, please sign the petition page showing support for FIT/CLEAN Program at Thank you.

In the effort of trying to help my readers to speed up loading time, I will be  emailing you directly rather than responding to you at my site. Thank you so much for your support and positive comments. You are the reason that I am continuing posting with such consistency and enthusiasm. Please feel free to spread the words on use of solar energy and this site,, with your friends, relatives, and neighbors. I will try to find information that may be of use to you, so please feel free to let me know what areas of interest, your concerns, and your questions concerning solar energy (or how transitioning into solar energy may benefit you). I will try my very best to respond and obtain information for you. I hope as time continues, you will get into the habit of looking for opportunities toward the direction of the sun. My most recent series on Incentive For Solar will hopefully be able to help readers to identity possible financial opportunities and potential community projects and activities any where on planet earth. More will be continuing in this series.

Some of the readers from CA notified me of blank rectangular spots in my posts resulting from  blocking software. Apparently some of the  blocking software out there would block any graphical images (even including RSS feed symbol), so if you are viewing these posts with blank rectangles, please be sure to also check out the posts else where for more complete posts (because a lot of graphical images also include maps, charts etc. that would be of use to you). Sun Is The Future is now also available via Amazon Kindle. Please feel free to leave a review or comment for Sun Is The Future at Amazon Kindle store.

Lastly, at some of your request, I will try to load more video clips and translator (thus far Sun Is The Future has reached over 33 countries) in the near future. Some of you also would like to see a forum being developed at Sun Is The Future. I promise I will look into this. I hope, with all of your help, Sun Is The Future will accelerate the momentum of our planet earth’s movement toward the Sun.

Thank you for all of your input.

Have a sunny day and a lovely week.

sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker,


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  1. Craig Rayman Says:

    I’ll book mark your site right away. I have to go now but I wanna keep reading more of your amazing site.

  2. Whitney Says:

    Huge fan with this page, a handful of your articles or blog posts have definitely helped me out. Looking forward to upgrades!

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