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Greetings! Yes, I am still well and alive…just been seriously contemplating and researching on the topic of Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT) for Renewable/Solar Energy by looking at various countries’ experiences over the years and trying to figure out how we may be able to optimally utilize this very powerful and effective incentive program in US or elsewhere and FL without any negative ramifications. Within recent years, I have traveled to other countries to discuss and interview those who have been affected by Feed-In-Tariffs of Renewable and Solar Energy. Please be patient with me as I take you through a series of discussions and video clips from various parts of the world (such as Australia, UK, Taiwan, Italy, Canada, Spain, China, etc.)and in US regarding Feed-In-Tariffs. The consensus is that Feed-In-Tariffs is a very affective incentive program for renewable energy that would accelerate the transition into renewable energy era and increase local jobs, opportunities and economic growth, but the optimal level and pace at which FIT is set would determine how successful the implementation of FIT would be.

In the video clip below, we will see/hear Australian Senator Christine Milne speaking at the Greens National Council on Nov. 9, 2008, proposing Nationwide Solar Feed-In-Tariff Bill. Feed-in tariffs in Australia have been enacted by several State Governments for electricity generated by solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Feed-in tariff (FIT) are a premium rate paid to producers of renewable energy. They are a way of subsidizing renewable energy and are implemented in conjunction with mandatory renewable energy targets. Both net and gross feed in tariffs have been introduced by various governments. Net FIT’s generally pay comparatively little to the producer (generally a household) because electricity produced by solar photovoltaic or other renewable energy just offsets the producer’s usage. Gross tariffs provide a more certain financial return and pay the household for all electricity produced, even if it is consumed by the producer, reducing or helping meet peak demand. The ACT and New South Wales have gross feed-in tariffs. Other Australian State Governments have enacted net feed-in tariff schemes which have been criticized for not providing enough incentive for households to install solar panels and thus for not effectively encouraging the uptake of solar PV. A uniform federal scheme to supersede all State schemes has been proposed by Tasmanian Greens Senator Christine Milne, but not enacted. National feed-in tariff systems have been enacted in numerous countries including Brazil, Canada, China and many EU countries. Please take a look/listen at

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