Solar Energy Use-Great Way to Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse or Any Natural Disasters


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Picture this…can you imagine walking through streets without traffic control at intersections…not being able to move your car out of the garage…not being able to turn on any lights in your house…no longer having hot water being available for your  showers…finding food rotting in your refrigerator….the list goes on if/when Zombie Apocalypse or any natural disaster occurs and the power grid has been under attack or rendered incapacitated.

In response to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)’s Dr. Ali S. Khan’s post on May 16, 2011, for Preparedness 101 for Zombie Apocalypse or Any Natural Disasters, please refer to this site and excuse/allow me to interrupt our series of discussion on Feed-In-Tariffs and bring you to the attention of how important it is to have solar energy in time of any natural disasters or Zombie Apocalypse. The simple fact that solar energy, by its nature, can be far more decentralized and therefore provides a better chance of survival for earthlings.  For a quick overview of how solar energy may enable you to be better prepared for these emergencies, please take a look at posts of Sun Is The Future on: April 29 (Building Integrated PV), April 26 (Solar Shingles), April 5 & April 6 (Solar Water Heater), March 29 (Skyscraper as Vertical Solar Farms), March 20 (There Is Plenty of Sunshine For All of Us), March 18 (Solar Bullet High-Speed Train), March 12 (Solar Plane), March 5 (Solar Cars), March 4 (Why Solar), etc.  The ability to generate your own power, rather than being completely dependent on the power grid may one day save your life.  As the cost of solar technology decreases, let’s look for ways of implementing solar energy use into our daily lives.

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