Hurray For Gainesville’s Feed-In-Tariff, Let’s Also Get It For Rest of Florida and USA!


Dear Readers, Friends, and Sunshine Lovers,

If you are in favor of renewable/CLEAN energy, please sign the petition page showing support for FIT/CLEAN Program at Thank you.

I believe we are getting closer to the critical mass needed for Feed-In-Tariff to be receiving its deserved attention to become a state-wide program/policy for renewable/solar energy.

Time for an update on the first-U.S. Feed-In-Tariff in Gainesville, FL.  In June of 2011, Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) recognized GRU (Gainesville Regional Utilities) as one of the country’s leading utilities for integrating solar power into its energy portfolio.  I would like to, on behalf of Floridians, thank Ed Regan, who was instrumental in implementing the Feed-In-Tariff in Gainesville, FL.  For a better understanding of what Feed-In-Tariff is all about and how FIT is a fantastic incentive program that had benefited the community economically by making it more cost effective to invest in renewable energy and by promoting local job growth, please take a look/listen to the series of discussion on Feed-In-Tariff at Sun Is The Future and also at these two sources below:

Fellow Floridians, I hope you all will join me in learning and discussing more about Feed-In-Tariff with your friends, family, neighbors, and local Congressperson/Representatives for the possibility of introducing Feed-In-Tariff as one of the Senate Bills during this coming year.  We here in the Sunshine State of Florida should set an example in fully utilizing our most wonderful natural resource, our beautiful Sunshine/Sun power !

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