Rebranding Feed-In-Tariff As CLEAN (clean, local, energy accessible now) Programs


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Here is the latest I’ve received down the wire:  according to Craig Lewis, the Executive Director of the CLEAN coalition,  a group that is seeking to bring Feed-In-Tariffs (FITs) to utilities across the country,  is now rebranding the Feed-In-Tariffs as CLEAN (standing for Clean, Local, Energy, Accessible Now) programs.  Director Lewis explained that the original rebranding was suggested by Rockefeller Brothers Fund who believed that Americans are not comfortable with the word “tariff”, and are more comfortable with things such as “clean” , “local“, and “accessible“.   He is very excited about the growth of CLEAN programs across the country and expects them to pass in the near future. The program particularly targets wholesale distributed generation (WDG), meaning larger commercial rooftops or apartment buildings.  These rooftops are perfect for CLEAN programs. Lewis believes that utilities should be looking at WDG over central station solar power because the utility will only need to worry about distribution upgrades to the grid as opposed to transmission upgrades. Director Lewis is confident that California will be able to enact a statewide CLEAN program before the end of this year. We here in Florida wish Craig Lewis and his CLEAN Coalition all the best and hope that our state legislators will also be considering statewide CLEAN programs  for Florida in the near future.  Here is the video clip of an interview with Craig Lewis discussing the rebranding  Feed-In-Tariff as CLEAN Programs, available at:

The Clean Coalition has also designed the Local CLEAN Program Guide to enable communities and utilities in fulfilling economic and sustainability goals.  This program guide may be discussed in details in future post.  In the mean time, the first module of the Local CLEAN Program Guide is available for download on the Clean Coalition web site at:

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