President Obama’s 50th Birthday Present-Beginning Of A Grass Root Petition Campaign For Feed-In-Tariff/CLEAN Program


If you are in favor of renewable/CLEAN energy, please sign the petition page showing support for FIT/CLEAN Program at Thank you.

For some one who had trainings, degrees, and work experience in multiple fields, this had been quite an educational journey for me.  Since the beginning of this year I’ve been spending a lot of time on in an effort to spread the news and need about/for renewable and solar energy (causes/instigation of this project may be found in February post of  Throughout my journey, I’ve come across and learned from many terrific individuals and organizations who are dedicated and truly concerned with the welfare of our planet earth, earnestly sharing each and every one of their experience and optimistically looking into a bright and hopeful alternative future.  I can truly summarize my encounter and feeling for those involved in the Renewable Industries- ENERGY and OPTIMISM.  There is the consensus that the most effective  policy in promoting planet earth’s renewable energy is Feed-In-Tariff (FIT), an incentive policy that (1) guarantees any/every renewable energy producer access to the power grid and the fact that they can sell their energy to their utility/power company. (2) utility companies sign 15-20 year contracts with all their renewable energy producers and all contracts are transparent and open for inspection. (3)contracts include long-term agreed upon prices that the utility companies will pay for the energy they buy.(4)the utility companies can recoup their increased costs of paying higher prices for renewable energy by spreading these costs among all the customers.(5)an independent review board is established by the government that periodically sets the prices and terms for new contracts.  This is a wonderful incentive program that will encourage individual home owners, small businesses, schools, Y’s, libraries, local Walgreens, hospitals, churches, any where with surface areas to fully utilize their sunshine, wind, or water, ultimately leading to local job creations, economic prosperity, and onto the path toward renewable energy age. Please show your support for such an incentive program by signing the petition above. Please be sure to also  indicate your city, state, and country under Address.

The natural question is then, why is Feed-In-Tariff running into so much resistance here in Florida or various parts of USA if it were such a widely accepted policy (FIT had already been implemented in more than 65 countries and territories on planet earth)?  I hear/see a lot of proponents of Feed-In-Tariff in FL or USA pointing to the power/utility companies, “…because the big power companies don’t want it….”   Instead of creating an atmosphere of adversary, it is best for all of us to remember what our parents and grandparents used to tell us, “…walk a mile in some one else’s shoes….”   Our power/utility companies have been providing us with a wonderful service for as long as I can remember.  Is it really fair to expect these power/utility companies to have done all the work and simply hand over the access to the grid without charging anything?!  In essence, what’s in it for them? They (power/utility companies) also have families to feed and clothe.  Feed-In-Tariff should provide incentive for all, as far as I am concerned, in order to be truly fair.  So, why can’ t we propose to have majority (perhaps 90%) of the profit generated from renewable energy under FIT going to the producers and minority ( say 10% ) of the profit generated going to the utility company for providing access to the grid.  The acceptable percentages may be worked out later, not necessarily 90%:10%.  Basically, let’s take a lesson from President Obama’s effort in always trying to bring every one involved to the table.  This translates into incentive for all, something for every one involved. I also welcome any comments and suggestions, for my suggestion of playing fair may not be entirely new/ foreign to many.

At this point, I would like to direct your attention to some of the resources available that would help to increase understanding of Feed-In-Tariff/CLEAN program by reading  FIT-Available Paths for Designing Strong State Feed-In-Tariffs (by Jennifer Gleason in Environmental Law Alliance WorldWide), and links below: (yes, yours truly, with more than 16 episodes of posts, discussions, and videos on Feed-In-Tariff) just type in Feed-In-Tariff in the search box at upper right hand corner of the site. (Alliance For Renewable Energy had many wonderful resources available at this site, this page is specifically for FIT) (World Future Council has brought much attention to many of the solutions for our planet earth’s future generations) (Alliance For Renewable Energy home page, a wonderful site with much resources on renewable energy) (Florida Alliance For Renewable Energy is a wonderful site for gathering effort and presentation of what state of FL is doing for renewable energy)

I believe that  if you are concerned about energy security and independence, clean environment, and climate change…are in favor of renewable/solar energy, job creations, and economic prosperity for state of Florida and USA, you will want to join us in talking to your friends, family, neighbors, and legislators about Feed-In-Tariff or CLEAN program (an incentive program that will allow individuals and small businesses and organizations such as schools, Y’s, hospitals, libraries, churches, Walgreen, McDonald’s, and even power/utility companies to be able to profit from our renewable energy sources such as the wind, water, and sunshine.  The petition pages ( an endorsement statement) will always be available in

Please join us by showing your support for Feed-In-Tariff/CLEAN Program by signing the endorsement statement.

Finally, don’t forget to wish a Happy 50th Birthday (Aug. 4) for our President Obama, who had always tried his very best to bring every one to the table for any discussion and who has a true sense of appreciation for Grass-Root Movement.

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