Solar Decathlon (9)-Team China-Tongji Universtiy’s Y Container of 2011


If you are in favor of renewable,  clean, or solar energy, please sign this petition for FIT/CLEAN Program, accessible at Thank you very much. We are at a critical juncture in human history when individual effort and participation in the transition into renewable energy age is desperately needed!  Your signature will be very meaningful in helping all earthlings!  For a summary of why we need to switch to power the earth with Wind-Water-Sunlight quickly, reasons are explained by Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson at There are more than sixteen episodes of discussions on FIT (Feed-In-Tariff/CLEAN Program) available at Please feel free to read/listen to them (type in feed-in-tariff in the search box at right).

In this particular walkthrough of the design of Team China-Tongji University’s Y-Container design that contains the future occurs in three steps, using disposed containers from the docks that can be easily transported: Transform, Add Components, Add Deck.  Basically Y Container is composed of three concepts: 1. Container of Energy: using the PV panels to capture solar radiation-> turn/ transform solar radiation into electricity->using this electricity to power the appliance inside the Y-Container 2. Container of Views: a visual angle of 120 degrees provides varied views of exterior landscape 3. Container of Water: the deck collects and filters the rainwater for domestic use.  Some of its features include: the flowing space (with movable walls) changes with the Murphy bed; triangular module and the sliding door with multifunctional space makes life much more flexible;intelligent control panel;roof ventilation valve controller with roof ventilation windows.  This design of Y-Container truly contains the simplicity, flexibility, and reusability (both in man-made material from the dock and what is provided to us through Mother nature, the rainwater).  Now, let’s take a look at this design while enjoying its beautiful background music –>


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