Solar Decathlon (17)-Ohio State University’s enCORE Design of 2011


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Now, let’s resume our presentations for Solar Decathlon of 2011:

Ohio State University’s enCORE design was a design intended for a growing family. Upon entering the house, an open area provides the living room, dining room, and kitchen spaces.  Then the expanded hallway connects  the living space to the bedrooms  doubling as an office.  The central core (right outside of the master bedroom)controls all the mechanical systems in the house. Residents may use the IPhod to control the lighting and temperature of the entire house. There are many features that would help to reduce the energy cost:  super-insulated walls,  high efficiency windows, perforated panels providing shading, and the solar panels collecting enough power to run the entire house.  There is also the sloped roof collecting rainwater,  windows for much natural lights looking out onto the reflecting pond that collects rainwater and brings it to the bioremediation system (which is the plantings along the side of the breezeway), to be cleaned and reused.  The full size bathroom is with recessed storage and a tub and shower.  For the exterior portion of the house, there is a covered breezeway area that extends off of the living area inside the house so that the family can sit outside even when it is raining.  So, it’s time for us to take a look at this  efficient and flexible house, providing the needs of a growing family.–>


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