Solar Decathlon (21)-Team Massachusetts’ 4D Home Design of 2011


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As we approach Team Massachusetts’ 4D Home design (4D representing a design that would adapt and transform over time according to the needs of the family),  targets the market for a family of three (one child).  This ability to transform may be seen in the two storage movable walls inside the house that may be able to convert a bedroom into an open space. 4D Home design  placed the solar PV arrays offset from the roof,  shading the South facade and creating a sheltered transition into the interior.  Inside, the kitchen anchors the core of the house, dividing the public and private spaces and provide a ring of circulation between them. The expansive living room is spacious and well lit by the South and East facing windows. Vertical storage functions  as storage space, a wall, and a closet for the bedroom. Adjacent to the bedroom through a glass door is the mechanical  and laundry room.  The private corridor behind the kitchen is lit from above by a skylight and may be used as a work space with much versatility.  Dining space is found in the Southwest corner of the house, easily accommodating daily needs for a family of three. Central kitchen is a compact organization of appliances and storage, directly looking to the South and providing plenty of counter spaces for cooking. Longitudinal view through the kitchen connects each area and encourages communications among family members. Now let’s have a look at this house that was designed to adapt and  grow with the changing needs of a family.—>


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