More Winners, Nuna 6 of Nuon Solar Team (Netherland) and Quantum of University of Michigan (USA), Part 1 of 2, Day 6 of World Solar Challenge 2011


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On Friday of Oct. 21, 2011, around 10:15 A.M., the enthusiastic crowd waited for arrival of Nuna 6 of Nuon Solar Team (Netherland) and Quantum of University of Michigan (USA), at the Victoria Square of Adelaide, Australia.  As Nuna 6 was seen coming down King William St., gradually approaching Victoria Square, the crowd no longer contains themselves and started banging on the plastic advertising bulletins… they knew that Nuna 6 and Quantum had already arrived at the official finish line, Angle Vale, the day before at 2:12 P.M. and 3:55 P.M., respectively, but decided to reach for the ceremonial finish line, Victoria Square, today (Oct. 21, 2011).

As Nuna 6 lands on the equivalent of its red carpet, but dark grey in this case,  reporting crews and the crowd swarms toward this marvelous solar vehicle of reliability and efficiency.  Every step of its progression reflects its vision of teamwork, from its supporting members carrying and laying down the flag of Netherland on the hood of this winning car, to the hugs and handshakes fellow team members giving to one another.  Then came the Champaign and Ritual Dip in the Victoria Fountain. One gesture was out of the ordinary: that the Nuna 6  and Tokai Challenger 2 members started to exchange their shirts in the Victoria Fountain, symbolizing either that “we’re in this together” or “we’re all winners”.  So in some of the video and photos one would find Nuon Solar Team members wearing Tokai’s blue and Tokai Challenger 2 Team members wearing Nuna’s orange.

Resistance is Futile...might as well have fun....

One of Nuon Team members may have resisted

Nuon & Tokai members in the Victoria Fountain, Adelaide, Australia

Nuon & Tokai members in each others' shirts in Victoria Fountain, Adelaide, Australia

Nuna 6 of Nuon Solar Team of World Solar Challenge 2011

Nuon (2nd Winning team of WSC 2011) arriving at Victoria Square of Adelaide, Australia

One thing to be certain, they were all having a great deal of fun, as evidenced in these photos. I also have uploaded an interview with one of the Nuna 6 team members/drivers above.
For a better understanding of the landscape of this beautiful country, Australia, we’re visiting,  some help is obtained from Wikipedia, below:



Victoria Square is a public square in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. The square is in the centre of the city’s grid of one square mile, and was named by the Street Naming Committee on 23 May 1837 afterPrincess Victoria, heir presumptive of the British throne. A statue of Queen Victoria stands in the center of the square. The fountain in the north of the square was designed by artist John Dowie to represent the three rivers from which Adelaide receives most of its water—the Torrens, the Onkaparinga and the Murray.

Victoria Fountain of Victoria Square at Adelaide, Australia

Victoria Square is bordered by numerous public institutions, including the Supreme Court of South Australia, the Adelaide Magistrate’s Court, the Federal Court of Australia, theTreasury and the AdelaideGeneral Post Office. On the eastern side is the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier and the SA WaterHeadquarters. The Torrens Building, home to a number of community organisations, is now also used by the Heinz College Australia, an international campus of Carnegie Mellon University. TheAdelaide Central Market is located to the west of the Square.

King William Street passes through the square making a diamond shape with the southbound carriageway passing through the east side, and the northbound carriageway passing through the west side of the square. The square is bisected by a piece of road (technically part of the square) that connects Wakefield Street(entering from the east) with Grote Street (to the west). A tram stop (formerly the terminus) for the Glenelg Tram is in the southern part of the square; it was shifted from the center to the western edge of the square on 6 August 2007, as part of the extension that was made to the tram line around that time.

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