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22 October

Interview With Mr. Chris Selwood, Leader of Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011


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Despite his busy schedule during the Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011, Mr. Chris Selwood managed to squeeze in a terrific  interview with Sun Is The Future, so to enable our readers to have a better understanding of the history and purpose behind Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011.  Mr. Selwood is a man of positive energy, enthusiasm, and vision.   He was previously seen in our footage as the Master of Ceremony on Oct. 16, 2011, at the Open Ceremony of Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 in Darwin, Australia (in front of the Parliament House), and the voice behind the announcement as each and every one of the solar cars pulled in to the Victoria Square (the ceremonial finish line) of Adelaide, Australia. He deserves a great round of applause from all of us who have participated/viewed/reported  in/on Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 for he had brought energy and vision to all of our hopes in the future for solar energy.  Without further ado, here we have Mr. Chris Selwood:


written, interviewed, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker,, filmed by Michael Nunamaker

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