Veolia World Solar Challenge (Solar Car Race) Update


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I have not yet received any official notice of any  modifications to Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 results.  The most I’ve discovered was an alleged issue involving discrepancy between the actual solar distance traveled vs. distance recorded by one of the teams.  To combat this issue, it’d be a good idea to have at least two time/record keepers at each segment traveled (to guard against potential human  errors).  Of course, resources available (be it in terms of man or monetary power) may be a constraint.  I will be sure to post any changes ASAP upon notice. In the meantime, I am searching for more details of the Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011, hoping to find more information about the protest of the provisional results from any participating teams.  During the search, I came across this wonderful post by some one, Lucy Fielding, who was on the Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) Endeavor 2009 design team.  Ms. Fielding reminds us  the intended focus and spirit of this event and I implore you all to take few minutes to truly absorb/share the emotion and intensity level of Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 at:

And Daniel Chambers, head of the electrical team of the CUER Endeavor 2011, with details on various working components for the solar cars. This is also a post well worth the read, especially for those who may be thinking of participating in the World Solar Challenge in the future:

I have learned from both Ms. Fielding and Mr. Chambers that tremendous amount of pre-planning is necessary for all participating teams at Veolia World Solar Challenge and it is the experience of a lifetime for those participated.

More will follow….

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