Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 Results, Re-Examined


Dear Readers,

For those of you interested in the final results, after re-examination of the solar kilometers actually traveled, and the issue of protest, I am posting the exact quotes (bold print) from for your perusal, followed by two links (one is of the pre-examination results and one is of the post-examination).

Teams not able to maintain a reasonable minimum speed are invited to maximise their experience in the event by running their solarcar for a few hours each day before moving their car forward in their truck or on their trailer.  The rules surrounding this exercise allow a great deal of flexibility in their application to enable the particular circumstances and the conditions to be taken into consideration.

The finalisation of the results was delayed mostly by the contention of one team who, so desperate to show their sponsors a clean finish, demanded recognition of a place the number of irregularities involved denied them.

A small number of teams questioned the number of solar kilometres  attributed to them so the decision was taken to audit all the log books where  these are recorded in the team log by the Observer  (which the team manager should sign at the end of each day) and transmitted to Mission Control for incorporation into the overall results.

Interesting errors such as trailered Km being substituted for Solar Km, and solar credits being given to Control Points instead of actual distance covered were discovered and the complications of this event outlined earlier led to some interesting arithmetic from some Observers!   Some gained from the exercise, others not.  The figures have now been checked and cross checked with the result that we are now able to verify the Official Record and present the final results.

Please note that there are some changes in rankings and km/solar distance traveled for various teams after the 7th  position.

1.  Pre-examination results:

2.  Post-examination results:

Again, I would like to implore you all to refer/read my post of Nov. 3, 2011, and let’s remind ourselves the spirit of World Solar Challenge is that of discovery and learning from our experiences/lessons.

Human interest and lessons learned will follow….

~have a bright & sunny day~

written & posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker,

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3 Responses to “Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 Results, Re-Examined”

  1. hans meerwald Says:

    Hi, having followed the challenge from Tennant Creek in my Van as a private person, but with solar in my blood, there might have been a few inconsistencies along the way.
    The toilet facilities after T. Creek and at Wachaupe sadly missing and an embarrasment to us Australians and the Overseas Competitors.
    Time sheets recording arrival time of a solar car were not posted until some time later, (not in all stop places). So when the next S. car arrived, they where running around like chucks with their heads cut off, trying to find out when the previous arrival clocked in. When there was a sheet put up, there was no arrival time put on it, sometimes only after 3 where already there.
    Two, 2x clocks side by side with identical time setting, fixed right next to the time sheet, would be more in line with such an event.
    Two signs where blown over and not visible, it was very windy.
    At Coober Pedy there was the problem of finding the next official stop. Unfortunately, the position of the stop was such that it would have required 4 guide signs rather then the 2 supplied. As it turned out the eventual winner support crew, using their gps also got lost and they where 300 metres off the spot. You can confirm this with Scott Mellish from Panasonic Sydney and also with Sadaji Tsuge Sanyo Tokio.
    On the whole, this event was enjoyed by most, sadly held up at Wachope (Fires both sides at B.Creek). Next day we all passed fires on both sides of the road and it took 2 second for the smoke to clear. I suspect no-one was going to shoulder the blame if somethind went wrong.
    I enjoyed being part of this adventure, taking out the Mitsu iMiev for a green drive in Adelaide. The reason I have stated these items is so we can inprove and learn from them. It is not my intention to blame anyone and the volunteers did an excellent job, at times not easy.
    Am looking forward next time round as it is not far fetched that we will travel in space via sun only, using the batteries to land when there is no sun.

  2. sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker Says:

    Hi, Hans,

    Thank you for your comments for Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 Results.
    In any events or organizations, there are always rooms for improvements. It is
    important that people/participants feel free to express their true opinions. I’ve been
    invited by the organizer to participate in the whole race next time and will also try
    to jot down notes of my suggestions in the future. In the mean time, I am asking all
    observant participants with constructive suggestions to email Chris Selwood or the
    Veolia World Solar Challenge organization so to give them time to make necessary
    changes/modifications before the next race. If it is possible, it may also be good to
    offer your time to volunteer or donations in the area where you see changes can be
    made to improve the whole race. This event had brought out such positive energy and
    hope for all that it is only going to get bigger and better. With help from you and those
    who also care about this event, Veolia World Solar Challenge will be receiving more and
    more positive attention as time progresses. Again, your observations had been appreciated.
    ~have a bright and sunny day~
    sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

  3. Hans Meerwald Says:

    Sorry to be so late with my reply, it is tremendous that some one has a real grip and understanding in what’s going on at an event like the worldsolarchallenge. The event will get more and more positive attention, particularly from around the world, providing we see previous not so good decisions. At the same time, an event like that over such a distance and terrain, will throw new challenges at us and different ones.
    Previous suggestions and points, We should not rely on wrist watches of a race official as the get overwhelmed and crowded in by people asking the time I would like to add that official clocks are positioned away from outside interference, in other words, a cubicle, so no one outside can interfere with the time,with the tme sheet placed outside and watched over by the race official like a hawk. The race official should not walk away from the time sheet and disappear in the crowd.
    Only one toilet for 150 people, I am not sure ,how we got away with that. When the first three racers arrive with their teams.
    I am not against volunteering, in the meantime Apple has just taken out 3 patents for their i-phones, fuel-cells, that are light and last for weeks without recharging. That is musik to our ears as it is progress in what we are trying to achive.
    Once again congratulations to Susan……. kind regards Hans Meerwald

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