Human Interests (Future Solar Museum, Future Model Solar Car Race/Challenge, Future Solar Car Racers/Dirvers/Pilots) Resulting From Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011


Dear Readers,

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Dear Readers,

If any of you will have the opportunity to travel to the Southern Hemisphere in 2013 during month of October, check out the Veolia World Solar Challenge (world solar car race) between Darwin and Adelaide of Australia !  More information about its future occurrence will be found at As one of the readers of Sun Is The Future had described it affectionately as the Olympics For the Nerds…I would go one step further and call it the Olympics For Enthusiasts For Life!  We have seen futuristic solar cars built by both engineers and non-engineers, solar car drivers of both female and male having driven through different ecosystems (from deserts to temperate forests and tropical climates) and experienced unexpected wind, rain, and fire, and participants and observers from all age groups and walks of life.  Veolia World Solar Challenge brought out our fervor for life and hope and optimism for our future with solar and renewable energy.  It even provided us with further intrigues in the very end with protest and recalculations of the results.  Perfect demonstration of an  exciting time we’re living in, in a time when our planet earth is ready to evolve/transition into the next stage of human history,with new perspective and appreciation for renewable/solar energy, for gender equality (true appreciation for working cooperatively together rather than wasting energy in any ancient battle of the sexes), and willingness to ask/entertain change or improvement.  As long as we are  all focused on “we’re all in this together”, here on planet earth, working for the common goal of a better planet for the future generations.

During the reporting of this event, I came across many human interest stories;three of which particularly reflect the point above.  I’d like to share with you, below,  three people all having the common dream of working for a better future involving education and building of solar cars:

1.  The first one concerns a father from Sydney, Australia area by the name of Garrick Everett.  Mr. Everett had been in the field of education for many years.

Garrick Everett at Victoria Square, Adelaide, Australia, at the Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011

After observing the Veolia World Solar Challenge, he would love to be able to build a solar car with his teenage son.  He also dreams about the possibility of starting a museum for/of solar energy.  So, if you have any positive suggestions, comments, funding, items, or time that  you’d like to share with Mr. Everett, please contact him via Mr. Everett and his children are fortunate enough to have such common interests and they will create wonderful memories together for many decades to come.

2.  Secondly, is the volunteer at education outreach of Aurora World Solar Car at, Martin Brook.  Mr. Brook is a model solar car enthusiast who had been dreaming about rebuilding the model solar car race of Australian National Final of Model Solar Car Race. youtube video clip below


So, let’s help him, however we can, to fulfill his dream and perhaps even expanding his dream to be that of a Model World Solar Car Race/Challenge.  Any of you model car, model solar car race enthusiasts, car manufacturers, toy companies, battery companies, solar cell companies, educational resource centers,  etc.  may be interested in getting in touch with Martin Brook about potential future Model World Solar Car Race.  I would also encourage many teachers for K-12 out there to consider getting involved/starting activities/projects that may help to stimulate your students’ interests in solar energy, math, science, and engineering via model solar car race mentioned by Martin Brook.


3. Thirdly, it was wonderful to have met people from so many different countries right at the Victoria Square of Adelaide (the ceremonial finish line for the World Solar Challenge 2011), Australia.  I met several teachers who were able to bring their students all the way from Colombia to watch Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 as a result of having won a contest.  I talked to one of the teachers, Mauricio Lozano,

Mauricio Lozano (farthest right), with his three students at left and colleague

who is also the Director of Discience Foundation.  He is trying to stimulate his students’ interests in math, science, and engineering by bringing these students to observe and consider participating/building a solar car in the future.  Those of you from Colombia (or elsewhere) who would like to find out  more about or to help support Discience Foundation, please feel free to get in touch with Mr. Mauricio Lozano via (web site for Discience Foundation is

I even saw some of the solar car enthusiasts deeply engrossed in confirming some calculations about some aspect of the solar car race, photo included….perhaps this would be the appropriate image to have in mind when we think about the Olympics For The Nerds/Enthusiasts For Life……it’s all a matter of overcoming the hurdles of the minds….

Participants/Observers of Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011





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