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Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt Believes in Sun Is The Future ! | Sun Is The Future

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt Believes in Sun Is The Future !


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It is a pleasant surprise for me to find out that Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (from Wikipedia)

also believes in Sun Is The Future !

On November 30, 2009, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the 32 nd Swedish prime minister which holds the rotating EU presidency met with Huang Ming, the vice chairman of ISES (International Solar Energy Society) during the China-EU summit held in Nanjing.  Prime minister Reinfeldt made a trip to Himin 3G solar water heater outlet which stocks the new third generation water heaters.  While some may have thought that China plays a passive role in environmental protection and carbon emission reduction, Reinfeldt told Huang Ming that the China Solar Valley http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/smart-takes/chinas-solar-valley-biggest-solar-energy-production-base-in-world/7326 had been applauded roundly by European media, improving China’s image in the world.  Before leaving, Reinfeldt inscribed the words “Sun is the Future” on the sign board of Utopia Gardens–a solar residential community developed by Himin.  The Swedish Prime Minister also expressed his wish to visit China’s Solar Valley.



China’s Solar Valley:  This is a $740 million project, locating near the northern city of Dezhou, Shandong province, intended to demonstrate how China can both promote and profit from cleantech. It had attracted more than 100 companies and inspired the construction of factories, a research center, and wide boulevards illuminated by solar-powered lights (installation cost of $10 million for these solar lighting along roadways). Dezhou has positioned itself as a hub for greentech, calling itself China Solar City.  Goldman Sachs had invested $100 million in local power Himin Solar Energy Group, http://www.himin.com/english/ the world’s largest supplier/manufacturer of solar water heaters.  China is aiming to have 15% (it is around 9% now) of its power from renewable energy sources (including hydroelectric dams) by 2020.  At present, China’s  increasing coal consumption offsetting gains is a challenge.

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