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If you are in favor of renewable,  clean, or solar energy, please sign this petition for FIT/CLEAN Program, accessible at Thank you very much.

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Just want to quickly share a video clip on solar cooking for both developed and developing countries.  Let’s start a fad, here in the developed West, to use solar energy for cooking because it is the cleanest and most energy efficient way to cook. Let’s also participate in helping all the developing countries by supporting SCI (Solar Cooking International), at or Kiva microfunds at .  SCI had already trained more than over 30,000 families to cook with solar cookers in 2009.  Perhaps businesses can be set up for entrepreneurs to trade/sell these solar cookers.  Solar cooking is also a sustainable way to purify water, saving many from water borne diseases. More can be found on solar cookers in Jan. 5-7, 2012, posts of . Take a look at the video clip below on solar cooking.
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