Ohio State University’s Sun Solutions/Solar Energy Project Under Haiti Empowerment Project


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This week, I have set out a task for myself, perhaps you can also assist me in magnifying the effect of my effort.  Few days ago, I came across several articles about  Ohio State University’s (OSU’s) commendable Haiti Empowerment Project.

One of the core Ohio State University’s values, according to the Academic Plan, is “making the world a better place and opening the world to our students.’ Through the experiences of the faculty participating in this project, OSU students observe and participate in  the connections between culture, economics, and outreach. The result is a broadening of one’s perceptions of the various cultures of the world and an introduction of a vision of empowerment for global education in their own professional lives.  Within the past four to five years, this Empowerment Project had grown both in application and vision, evolving from working with pilot schools to addressing the unique needs of Haitian business, medicine, English literature, and engineering.  Below, I’d like to share with you a video clip of OSU’s  Sun Solutions/Solar Energy Project under Haiti Empowerment Project.


How can I/you/we help to expand/magnify the effect of this commendable project?  Firstly, my immediate thought after reading these articles and viewing video clips about this wonderful empowerment project was to contact those involved with OSU’s Haiti Empowerment Project to get in touch with the field partners of Kiva in Haiti, www.kiva.org/partners , for the collaboration between Haiti entrepreneurs-OSU-Kiva would bring forth the potential of a lasting prosperity to all. For those of you who did not read my post on Jan. 1, 2012, please go to http://sunisthefuture.net and look for Jan. 1, 2012 post under the Archives at right.  Kiva Microfunds is an organization that allows people to lend money via the internet to microfinance institutions in developing countries and USA. If OSU’s empowerment project would also help to educate Haitian Kiva field partners, helping them to realize all components involved in various solar energy projects, this would help to speed up the process of local Haitian solar businesses to be established and to provide for a much more lasting economic impact for the people at Haiti.  In the process, OSU will also have more business contacts with Haiti in the future.  For those of you who are associated with universities/colleges other than OSU, have you thought of assisting  in development of solar and/or renewable energy projects, not only in USA, but also in/for other countries near the equator? Please look over the list of Kiva field partners at www.kiva.org/partners so we can all become involved in speeding up the conversion to solar and/or renewable energy of the planet earth ASAP.  If you are not sure what Kiva entails, please refer to my kiva post at http://sunisthefuture.net ,  http://sunisthefuture.net/?m=20120101

~Let’s all take part in making this world/planet a better place~
~have a bright and sunny day~

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