President Obama’s Discussion on Clean Energy in CO


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I want to share a recent discussion by President Obama on clean energy from Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, CO.  Here, in this video clip, you will hear variety of ways of clean energy projects (of, course, Solar Energy was mentioned!) that will help to reduce US dependence on foreign oil, strengthen our national security, cleaner air for future generations, cheaper energy for businesses and families, and creation of lots of jobs in the process.  Let’s look forward to his continued focus and support on boosting manufacturing jobs and training for skilled workers for clean energy future and how the US military is also taking  in that effort. Below, is the video clip of President Obama’s speech, in Colorado.

In response to President Obama’s speech, I would also like to invite President Obama and all US legislators to view May 8, 2011-Aug. 4, 2011, and Nov. 11, 2011 posts at in seriously considering to magnifying the impact/effectiveness  of the incentive program of effective Feed-In-Tariff for our energy policy.  The effective implementation of Feed-In-Tariff  (FIT) for renewable/solar energy had proven to be the most effective method in creating  jobs, cleaner air, energy independence, and reducing the chance of war among nations, in many nations on planet earth (but not in US, despite the fact that FIT originated in US.). So, President Obama, please ask our legislative body to re-examine and re-evaluate this incentive policy so it will be more effectively implemented.  In so doing, we will all be able to take part in moving our world toward a cleaner,  more energy-independent, free from wars, and better economic world.
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    The Advantages Of green energy while perhaps expensive is Needed

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