Sustainability and Clean Energy Talk by Former Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter


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I want to share with you a very informative video clip that was filmed on Dec. 6, 2011, at the Wynkoop Brewery in Denver, CO, of a talk given by former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, as part of a Sustainability Series.  Former Governor Ritter, with his personable demeanor and self-effacing sense of humor, shared with us his trials and tribulations in promoting and establishing clean energy policy/programs during his governorship of CO.  He learned and shared with us the interdependent relationship of Energy-Environment-Economic development-Equity (to protect rate payers/lower income people).  During his travel and talks, he  emphasized the importance of  Americans’ need to continue pushing  issues behind Policy, Technology, and Finance of the Clean Energy programs.  He also mentioned the effectiveness of energy efficiency through governmental policy and finance  that would be worthwhile to move into the private sector.  He also reminded us the value of clean energy programs in community colleges as well as the four year universities/colleges.  His focus now is in working with various state governors’ offices and legislators in clean energy agenda, as part of the Energy Policy Swat Team, to help increase the chance for US to become one of the leaders in energy field in the free world.  Please also pay close attention to the interesting Disconnect (between the American voters and Congressional voting result, such that the fact that the majority of Americans want Clean Energy and are willing to pay for it is not demonstrated in the outcome of Congressional votes) that was brought up toward the end of this talk.  Please listen carefully to the cause and possible solution of/for this disconnect. Without further ado, here is former Governor Bill Ritter:

I’d like to point out, based on part of this talk, that the Number One Clean Energy voted by American people is that of Solar Energy!
Thank you, Governor Ritter, for your time, effort, and candor!

At this point, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would like to invite you all to revisit my collection of posts and video clips on effective Feed-In-Tariff gathered from May 8-Aug. 4, 2011 and Nov. 11, 2011 posts at
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