Is Sun Tax Constitutional ?


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I think we all agree that we’re living in a time when solar industry

Solar Roof Ballasted Mounting System of Large Scale Solar projects, Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

needs to be encouraged and nurtured, especially in US. You can imagine how surprised and indignant I was when I first found out about the “sun tax“, a $450 per-acre fee (county’s Board Policy B-29) imposed on solar electricity providers by Riverside County of CA. “The sun tax not only discourages the development of solar energy projects in Riverside County.  It does so by violating the Calfornia Constitution,” LSA Executive Director Shannon Eddy said.  Of course, it is not surprising that two solar energy industry trade groups (The Large-Scale Solar Association (LSA) and the Independent Energy Producers Association (IEPA)) filed the lawsuit Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, in Riverside County Superior Court in Indio, for a constitutional challenge to the policy and the county received notice Monday, Feb. 6, 2012.  The suit asks the court for an injunction on the fee and a ruling that it is illegal under the state law, either as a  tax or mitigation fee.  While it is too early to say what, if any impact, the fee may have on solar projects, Eddy pointed out that the county also has not yet  developed a plan for how the money would be spent, another issue in the lawsuit.  Let’s hope this will be quickly and fairly resolved so the outcome of the lawsuit will not negatively impact the local jobs, people, and businesses of Riverside County.  Let’s hear what some of the local people are saying about this lawsuit, video clip below:

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