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Dear Friends & Readers,  one of you emailed me and asked this question, below:

Maybe you have some business ideas for my brother.  He knows the building and architecture business. Knows all materials and specifications for big buildings as well as little houses. He has been a salesman for building products, has been a specifications writer for big projects, overseen buildings for architects and builders,  hospitals, convention center, office buildings. He can’t find work here now. He needs to get into the new Solar energy business….

Dear C,

For your brother, since he has so much experience and connections in building industry, I would recommend setting up a business in “Energy Efficiency Auditing” and/or “Solar Installation”, helping home owners and businesses to find different ways to reduce the amount of energy used: be it in installing attic fans, changing light bulb to compact flourescent bulbs, using light color (white) for roof (where it is allowed), changing to tankless hot water heater, using solar hot water heater, using solar energy to heat pools, using solar lights/lamps in the yard, etc.  He may even be able to get government subsidies to start a company involved in energy efficiency or solar energy.  If he needs more information, I would suggest going to my and find the April 18, 2011, post on Incentive For Solar (2) for links and US Dept. of Energy SunShot Initiative (if he may be interested in researches) Contact people at DC  and DOE’s Solar America Communities program and April 24, 2011,  post on Incentive For Solar (4)-For Consumers for individual states’ listing of solar incentives.  You/he can get to this post by clicking the orange link at left or going to the Archives in the right margin of, click on April 2011, then click on 24 under April 2011. Read this post (April 24, 2011 post of listen to the video clip EERE Program Overview. Then click on the orange link to find out more information about where the subsidies for consumers (for different parts of the US) are because with better understanding of where the consumers’ subsidies will be coming from, your brother will be better equipped to appreciate where the potential clients’ needs will be.  Call and learn about what and how he may be able to get started in energy industry.  Once he is more clear about what exactly he wants to do, then he can start publicizing for his business via internet (I recommend WordPress to set up a web site), Facebook, twitter, and various social networking strategies.   It is important to be clear about what his goal is.  He needs to learn as much about energy industry as possible.  If he visits , it is free.  My Jan. 10, 2012 post at also mentioned an online institute, Solar Living Institute, that has various online courses and training programs if your brother is interested (this would cost something) . In addition to government subsidy, there is a private lending organization call Kiva (I have also written about this organization in Jan. 1, 24, 25, 2012 posts of ;Jan. 1, 2012 post ;Jan. 24, post; Jan. 25, 2012 post). Kiva will help legitimate green businesses to get started by lending/microfinancing.  So I would recommend that your brother try to learn as much as he possibly can about energy efficiency and solar energy before deciding on what direction will be most suitable for him.  Be sure to write out a business plan before approaching U.S. Department of Energy and Kiva for monetary help. There is no guarantee in life, but knowledge is power and better organization and planning ahead is always a good idea before starting on any project.   Perhaps he may not even need any outside assistance to get started.
Best to any of your future endeavors and please let me know if you should have any other questions.
I also welcome ( via ) any of you out there who would like to help C’s brother out with any additional comments, suggestions, or business ideas .  I am in the process of setting up an extension of that will allow more of you to participate in the forum format in the near future.
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~have a bright and sunny day~
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~have a bright and sunny day~

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