The Healing Power of Sunshine


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Due to  my recent sprained back muscles, I was out of commission for two weeks.  Even though I required no medication of any kind, during those two weeks, since I had to be on my back, indoor, for good part of each of those days, my body was experiencing the thirst for sunshine. By the end of the two week period, I was up and about, first day I was able to take a walk outdoor (it is delightful to live in FL, receiving 60’s-70’s F during winter), showered by the afternoon sun, I felt as though I’ve been revived by some gentle magical hand.  So, my friends, perhaps it is time to shift my gear from reporting about technology of applications of solar energy to  a post on the healing property of our beloved sun.

Healing Power of Sunshine (photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Healing Power of Sunshine (photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

Truly, the sun strengthens us and uplift our spirit.  My family loved the sunshine so much that we even moved down to Central Florida from the Midwest in order to bathe ourselves under the sun during winter days. I believe my father was able to have two extra years on earth as a result of our moving him down to FL.

Allow me to share some of the things that was presented by Richard Hobday, Ph.D., in his book, The Healing Sun: Sunlight may cause skin cancer, but there is growing scientific evidence that the sun’s rays could help to prevent and ameliorate a number of serious degenerative and infectious diseases, including breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, rickets, and tuberculosis. Besides vitamin D deficiency, did you know that limiting exposure to sunlight would also lead to increased cholesterol level and blood pressure?  Studies have also shown that exposure to sunlight or UV radiation from an artificial source would increase the number of white blood cells in human blood (therefore increases body’s defense against infections) and its capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues. Therefore, exercise combined with exposure to sunshine has a greater impact on stamina, fitness, and muscular development than exercise alone.  Presumably, that was the reason for Greeks to exercise in the nude- did you know that the word gymnasium comes from the Greek word gymnasion which means ‘a place for naked exercise or training‘?

Excuse me for pausing, I will share more on the healing power of sunshine in the next post. Your comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcomed. Be sure to share this site with others so we can spread more use of sunshine on this planet earth.

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