Kauai Is Going Strong With Solar in 2012-Be Empowered by Going Solar!


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Recalling the March 29, 2012 post in http://sunisthefuture.net , Kauai Leading the Way For Solar in Hawaii, there is further development of Kauai’s solar energy projects in 2012.  In January of this year, a 12 megawatt project, a joint venture between the island’s utility co-op and Homestead Community Development Corporation, was announced for the island. This project was awarded to REC Solar. “This coalition demonstrates the innovative spirit and concern for the environment that has made Hawaii home to the nation’s second highest installed solar capacity per capita, and we are excited to move this project forward.  Solar is bankable, proven way to grow KIUC’s (Kauai Island Utility Cooperative)’s renewable generation portfolio and meet the energy needs of Hawaii”, indicated by CEO of REC Solar.

This 12 megawatt project could potentially power about 8,000 homes or possibly 24,000 people (representing more than one third of the island’s permanent population) (estimate based on http://www.caiso.com/about/Pages/OurBusiness/UnderstandingtheISO/Understanding-electricity.aspx).  The operation of this solar plant will reduce imported oil consumption by almost 12,000 barrels per year, preventing the emissions of 567,000 pounds of NOx, SOx, and CO2 over its twenty year life.  For this tropical paradise where tourism accounts for a significant portion of the island’s revenue, preservation of its natural beauty and being free from pollution matter a great deal.  It is no wonder that there are tremendous incentives given/provided for residents of Hawaii/Kauai to go solar:  government may pay up to 55% for residential solar installation costs;government may pay up to 85% of commercial solar installation costs.  Please allow me to show you this island of paradise, Kauai, where natural beauty will more likely be preserved through replacement of fossil fuel by solar energy.

Jurassic Fall (where part of Jurassic Park was filmed) of Kauai, Photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

Sun shines through cloud of Kauai, Photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

Video clip of Kauai, below:
It’s no brainer, both financially and environmentally feasible, GO SOLAR!

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  1. Amanda Leath Says:

    Hey Susan! Thanks for the mention in your blog. We, too, are excited about this project and honored to have been chosen to make it happen. One step closer to bringing solar to the mainstream!

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