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27 April

Please Contemplate A Possible Solution For Potential Future Wars, Time To Consider The Possibility of Infinity Rather Than Forever Playing A Zero Sum Game


Dear Friends & Readers,

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I’ve been hearing/reading way too much talks about the possibility of wars among nations recently….over oil reserves…over the fear of nuclear weapons….

I believe many of you care and love our planet earth just as much as I do.  I want to be able to enjoy watching my beautiful Florida sunsets and be able to visit Aurora Borealis one day….I haven’t written my best selling book yet and am not even half way through with my bucket list….

As I watched the following video clip of  The Aurora,

I was moved/inspired to ask the question, “If the issue lies in what kind of nuclear technology Iran is really developing, why don’t we (nations on both sides: U.S.A., China, Russia, UK, India, Japan, Korea, Israel, etc.) all simply pitch in helping Iran to fund their research and development in Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Energy, and Geothermal Energy and forego the nuclear energy.  Germany had already voluntarily started the process of doing this. It will certainly cost far less to try to coax Iran in this direction…remember the old adage our grandparents used to teach us, “you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. Helping Iran with R & D in Solar-Wind-Water-Geothermal in exchange for nuclear will be better for their and all of our health any way. The cost of any war will be far more than helping to fund their R & D in Solar-Wind-Water-Geothermal Energies.  It is time for us earthlings to learn to play the cooperative game rather than only thinking/playing a zero sum game.  It is time for us to shift our gear and contemplate the possibility of infinity.  Our resources may be transformed and we may reach far beyond our galaxy and into the unknown.  Human resource is also one form of natural resources that needs to be valued, for it may be the child from a less developed nation who will one day help us to reach another star/habitable planet .  We need not confine ourselves to fighting over currently limited resources.  History tells us that much can be transformed/converted and our world had been improved and had become a much more enjoyable place after we’ve decided to stop fighting over  horses, thinking that horses can be  the only possible mode of transporting vehicle.

Many of you may think of my question is being simplistic and naive, but I have learned in math and sciences that often time the most elegant equation or solution is the simplest.  So please do not dismiss this question too quickly. Please help to spread this question to at least 10 other people that you know.

I welcome your comments/suggestions/questions/remarks regarding my question.  I hope you will start asking yourself and ask others to join in contemplating/sharing/spreading this question before it is too late.

~I wish that we will all have many many more bright and sunny days~

Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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