Transit of Venus-2012-The Year of Great Opportunity For Peace, Harmony and Symmetry-June 5/6, 2012


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I’ve received comments/emails from both ends of the spectrum, from optimism to pessimism, regarding  our relation to Iran during 2012.

In addition to the possible solution that came to me through inspiration of The Aurora clip in my April 27, 2012 post, I’d like to share a piece of wonderful information hopefully will jolt us all to opt for the optimistic end during this year.  I am referring to a very special and rare event that will take place on June 5th/6th of 2012, the Transit of Venus.  It is among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena, occurring in a pattern that repeats every 243 years, with pairs of transits eights years apart ( a transit of Venus took place on June 8, 2004 and the next will be on June 5th/6th, 2012) separated by long gaps as much as 121.5 years and as little as 105.5 years apart.  Such periodicity is a reflection of  the fact that the orbital periods of Earth and Venus are close to 8:13 and 243:395 commensurabilities (property of two orbiting objects in rational proportion).  The previous pair of transits were in December 1874 and December 1881.  After 2012, the next transits of Venus will be in December 2117 and December 2125.  A transit of Venus across the sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth, becoming visible against (obscuring a small portion of ) the solar disk.  During transit, Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the Sun.

Transit of Venus and the angle between the orbital planes of Venus and Earth

Transit of Venus in wikimedia of creative commons

The duration of such transits is usually measured in hours.  The transit of 2004 lasted six hours. A transit is similar to a solar eclipse by the Moon.  While the diameter of Venus is almost four times that of the Moon, Venus appears smaller, and travels more slowly across the face of the Sun, because it is much farther away from the Earth.

Allow me to present the musical version/Waltz from “Sleeping Beauty” of the Millenium Philharmonic Orchestra version of this transit, I trust you will enjoy, below:

A transit of Venus can be safely observed by taking the same precautions used when observing the partial phases of a solar eclipse (seen in the above video clip). Staring at the brilliant disk of the sun with unprotected eye can quickly cause serious and often permanent eye damage.  So be careful on June 5th/6th of 2012.

We also have the opportunity here of participating with the energy of the Venus while this transit is taking place, with the qualities of harmony, love, peace, order, and proportion in our consciousness.  The presentation of its periodicity and conjunctions in such harmony, order, and proportion may be seen and explained in the video of this link:


I believe the year 2012 may possess the fantastically rare opportunity for such tremendous peace and harmony from the transit of Venus…that as long as we choose to see and seize it…there may still be Peace in Mideast and Peace on Earth….

~have a bright and sunny day~

Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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