Venus Transit, June 5th/6th of 2012 Explained, Rose-Heart-Pentagram, Golden Mean, Fibonacci Number


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The video clip/link  from May 2, 2012, by John Wadsworth was very succinct in his explanation of what Venus Transit represents, its harmony/order/symmetry, so I want to make sure that you did not miss this clip.  

John explained  why this will be such a rare and extraordinary event that will occur on June 5, 2012, otherwise known as the Venus Transit (Transit of Venus across the face of the sun).  It only occurs in 120 year interval and when it does occur, it’d occur twice in an eight year period.   It occurred in June of 2004,  this year in June 2012, and will not occur again until 2132.  So, I imagine most of us who are/will be able to observe this event in 2012 will never see it again in our life time.  John continues on to present the reason why Venus Transit is associated with symbol of peace/harmony/love/order/proportionality: Venus returns, after an eight-year cycle, to the same point/place in the sky or relationship to the sun as eight years prior.  During the eight-year cycle, Venus makes ten conjunctions with the sun (five when Venus is on the other side of the sun and five when Venus is on this side of the sun) .  During Venus Transit, when she is actually passing in front of the sun, we see the Venus because she is in alignment with the sun on this side of the earth.  If the ten conjunctions are plotted  in terms of where Venus is in the zodiac and how far Venus is from the earth, one sees a perfect five-pointed star/pentagram. Rather, two pentagrams (with five-pointed star made by the superior conjunction or other side of the sun and a five-pointed star made by the inferior conjunction on this side of the sun). Henceforth, the relationship between Venus and pentagram.  Furthermore, if the movement of Venus is plotted out based on its distance from the earth and its position in the zodiac during the eight-year cycle, one sees the result of a perfect five-petal rose.  What is even more remarkable is that Venus creates this five-petal rose by drawing hearts;whenever she/Venus comes into the conjunction where it is close to the earth, it makes these retrograde loops which helps to form the five-petal rose.  Therefore, one sees the HEART-ROSE-  PENTAGRAM as the symbols  for Venus.  The fact that this poetic dance of symmetry and order is only revealed to us due to the existence of computer generated matrix and yet Venus had already been historically associated with these symbols of heart, rose, and pentagram…simply remarkable !  Furthermore, there is the synchronicity of Venus with the Golden Ratio or Golden Mean (the only way to divide a line so that the whole and parts are related to each other in the same way) otherwise known as Phi or 1.61803398874989484…. (with never recurring number to infinity….).  Phi is intricately related to number 5 because pentagram is the only completely Golden Shape.  The pentagram is the only figure made up entirely of golden ratios-all of its sides are “golden” to the other.  Golden mean is also related closely to the Fibonacci numbers (where one adds the total to the previous number in the sequence in order to obtain the next number in the sequence).  As the Fibonacci series continues/increases, it approximates/approaches the Golden Mean.  Therefore, the Golden Mean and Fibonacci sequence are both Venusian phenomenon.  Fibonacci sequence describes the way that nature grows, seen in plant growth, spiral of shells, or spiral of galaxies…perfectly in line with the Venusian phenomenon of Golden Mean.  So this is the beautiful dance of proportion between Venus year and Earth year or between Venus day and Earth day, all summed up by the ratio of Golden Mean.  Nature and our universe are in perfect harmony!   It is amazing that this Golden ratio also appeared in ancient architectures and arts, bringing us in our relationship with nature.  Perhaps Venus is a gift to us, teaching us how to be in harmony with our nature.  Let’s value this rare opportunity of gift of harmony/order/love/symmetry on this June 5th/6th of 2012.  I wish you all peace, love, and harmony…I wish you all find moments to look for Fibonacci  sequence and Golden Mean…for glimpse of the beauty and order of Nature….

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Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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