Let The Sunshine Into The Low Line Park of NYC Underground


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Today, I am going to take you onto a journey for another conceptual design, awaiting for its realization.  As the population density of our planet earth continues to rise, from the current 6.8 billion to the forecasted 9 billion (supposedly the point from which the human population will start to taper down), there will be greater need of creative public space of all kinds.  Again, human ingenuity comes to the rescue.  In New York City, the Low Line Park is proposing a project (also known as the Delancey Project) renovating the Lower East Side‘s abandoned Delancey Street trolley station

Delancey Low Line Project (before image)

, untouched for nearly sixty years, into a subterranean urban oasis.  Architect James Ramsey is the designer for this project, using advanced solar technology to bring sunlight down to this abandoned space from above to grow plants and tress and to bring light to the richness of  the historic details of the cobblestones, rails, and vaulted ceilings below.  This wonderful solar technology would transport sunlight, utilizing a large system of mirrors and fiber optics, from the streets above , then concentrating, channeling, and redistributing this light into the cavernous facility under the surface to be used

Delancey Low Line Project (after mockup image)

.  This is an exciting and inspiring project because green spaces  with natural light are in short supply in Lower East Side of New York City.  Currently this project is looking for funding and recently joined the start-up site Kickstarter to publicly-source some of the Low Line’s budget.  Here, at Sun Is The Future of http://sunisthefuture.net, we are definitely in favor of this type of project, where solar energy is used to save electricity and reduce carbon emissions while generating the capacity for plants, trees, and grasses to thrive indoors.   If you are interested in helping to build this underground park in an abandoned trolley terminal beneath Delancey and Essex Streets, please feel free to contact the co-founders of the project: Daniel Barasch and James Ramsey  or simply donate at this site:  http://delanceyunderground.org/the-project.


Now, let’s take a look at a video clip of the Low Line/Delancey Project and its co-founders, below:

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