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Dear Readers & Friends,

For those of you who are frequent travelers, the message I’ve received and my response below may be of interest to you.

Hello Susan,

I hope this email finds you well.  I am about to venture out and part of that time will be in quite remote area without access to normal power, which brings about a dual focus question.

1. Do you have an experience with quality small pocket/backpackable solar chargers? What may be a good kind to go after? Ideally I need to be able to charge a smartphone and mobile wifi device from it, and probably have it to have an internal battery that stores the power for usage later.

2. What about laptop/tablet chargers with larger capacity, any experience with them? At our india office, the staff are already experiencing major power cuts in their homes, basic communications are becoming hard for them. Keeping their simple water fans going is becoming almost impossible due to constant power cuts. I have an idea to gift at least some smaller (laptop, phone, small electronics) charger units to a few of them, but I need at least 5-10 of them to fit into a carryon, or checked bag at most. I’d love it I could get more but i don’t know that much quantity of battery would even be allowed in a checked bag.

I had a small phone charger unit about 3 years ago that was basically useless it held so little charge it would give you maybe 10 minutes of talk time when it was full, one of the energizer emergency power units powered by two AA had more power! Obviously we’ve come a long ways since then but want to make sure I get a quality device and dont waste money on one of these old useless units.



Hi, S,

Whenever I need to search for items/products, I try to utilize ‘s product/consumers’ reviews (under solar charger-electronics, sorted by average customer review).


Even if I haven’t had much experience with backpackable solar charger, I hope this will help:
Please look over these products and see if these will be of assistance to you.
S, I’ve also come across the new GoalZero Sherpa 50 Solar Charger (charging every thing from cell phone, tablet, laptop, TV, DVD, IPad,etc., with 12v output as well as a laptop/16v output), being smaller (half of the weight and size) than previous year’s model, available in June of 2012, in the video clip below:

It sounds great from the clip, if any of you out there have personal experience in using this new GoalZero Sherpa, please share it with us.  Look forward to hearing/reading from you!
I use the Hyper Juice product (reliable, fantastic reviews, the only down side is perhaps the cost). 

Thirdly, with regard to TSA policy on Li-ion battery transport airline restriction, please refer to this link:

Please pay close attention to the last paragraph in this link. Basically, I believe TSA does not want people to transport Li-ion battery in significant number outside of personal use for one’s own laptop and camera. Perhaps you’d need to consider the route of snail mail.
I will try to post your questions on and see if any one else will be able to provide some additional  input with his/her experience.
Have a great trip.  Whenever I travel overseas, I’d bring the herb Pau d’Arco to boost my immune system ( it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal;when taking Pau d’Arco, I had to take a lot of water and I took it at eight hour interval, usually at 3 capsules each time if I’ve already been exposed to the microorganisms).
Be well,
sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

~have a bright and sunny day~

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