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Just came across a pretty good documentary footage on Solar Power Revolution, reminding us of the initiating country’s, Germany’s contribution to this revolution and the important incentive policy, Feed-In-Tariff , that’s responsible for Germany’s leading position in the world during our renewable energy age. For better understanding of effective Feed-In-Tariff policy, please refer to various links provided in April 17, 2012 post of .Thanks to Hermann Scheer (will be seen in the footage),  the member of German Parliament who was courageous enough to  push through the Feed-In-Tariff policy despite all odds/resistance.  As Feed-In-Tariff spreads to other countries (such as Spain) from Germany,  the faster the cost of producing solar energy goes down.  As the cost of electricity goes up and producing solar energy continues to go down,  we are facing a world where solar energy is now cost effective. Solar energy has become the modern fuel and has provided us with a new paradigm shift/change that cannot and should not be delayed…for the world cannot wait until the last drop of oil or last ton of uranium or coal to prepare for this shift.  As the need for world’s energy consumption increases, even oil producing world/nations are shifting toward the sun.   In the effort of saving the planet while meeting earthly consumption needs, the United Arab Emirates commissioned a Swiss engineering firm to devise a plan in constructing a huge off-shore solar islands because the ocean has a much higher percentage of high sun areas than the deserts. There is also enough water in the ocean that can be desalinated from salt water into the fresh water(water that can be used to store energy in hydrogen and water that make steam to drive turbines).  The islands float on a special construction so that they can always face the sun.  Each sun island is expected to produce many gigawatts of power/electricity.  For those of us who are proponents of decentralized power distributions, including Hermann Scheer, the paradigm that is in favor of multiple medium and small ownership (in place of monopolistic structure or few big centralized power plants) or broad ownership is more likely to help generate local/regional/national autonomy.  Technological advancements continue to drive solar energy toward the cost effective end of the spectrum.  It is time for the world to receive solar energy with open arms.  What was possible in Germany is achievable else where in the world.  Let’s hope that solar energy has already completed its phases of ridicule and resistance, and has finally reached its final phase of acceptance. Let’s take a look at various stages of this solar revolution through the informative video clip, below:

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