Good News! Reduction of FIT Rate Deadline Is Delayed By UK Government To August 1, 2012


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I would like to use today’s post to respond to one of your concerns.  This is what DS commented,

Making cash as a home-owner with solar used to be easy but with the government’s FIT being drastically reduced, consumers won’t get the money back they want from solar panels.”

Hi, Dear DS,

I need to clarify that is inclusive of solar energy issues from all corners of the planet. Some parts of the earth is ahead (such as Germany and UK) of US in terms of the effectiveness in implementing Feed-In-Tariff policy, even though FIT originated from US back in the 1978. We only have very few municipalities in US that had introduced very effective FIT while majority of the US does not enjoy the effective FIT policy at all.

Having said that, consumers who have already installed their solar panels in UK should/would have received the guaranteed Feed-In rate for 25 years (please correct me if I am mistaken) or so at a very profitable level. However, after many people in UK have signed up and installed their solar panels, the periodic evaluation adjusted the Feed-In rate to a much lower level to reflect the decreased need for more solar panels to be installed in UK. So those who did not sign up early enough would not be able to obtain the higher and more profitable Feed-In rate.  So, Hurry Up before the August 1, 2012 deadline is reached! Below, I have a video clip of an UK solar company (Green Home Company) reminding every one that UK government had delayed the reduction for FIT rate deadline to August 1, 2012.

But even this will be subject to change because the whole research and development system is quite dynamic. As better and more efficient  technology will surface, the cost of generating solar energy will be lowered. When the cost of generating solar energy will be much lower than the retail rate, even the lowered feed-in rate will become profitable for consumers again. All governments that implement FIT should have periodic review of the feed-in rate and may increase or decrease according to the need. Our focus should be on lowering the cost of generating solar energy so to increase the profitability of installing solar even at a lowered feed-in rate;this can be accomplished much more quickly by implementation of FIT world wide. The more solar energy is in demand, the more innovations and R & D, and this will lead to decreased cost of generating solar energy. After all, our main concern is to help all earthlings to move onto a new renewable energy age and be weaned from dependence on fossil fuels.  FIT simply helps to provide the initial incentive to get people to start paying attention and get active!  It is the most effective tool in getting the engine started in the vehicle for Survival of All Earthlings Through Renewables.

Please let me know if you’d like to have any part of the above paragraph further embellished. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain FIT.

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