Circumnavigation of the World in Solar Car-BO GT, Bochum University of Applied Sciences


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Remember that marvelous trip we took to Australia last October (2011) for Veolia World Solar Challenge: photos and video clips can be found in October 31, 2011 post of : Wrapping Up Veolia World Solar Challenge.  In particular, Sun Is The Future had taken the opportunity of being in Adelaide, Australia, to interview various teams in the World Solar Challenge, and one of which was the German Hochschule Bochum Solar Car Team’s BO GT ( I will affectionately call it BO GT for the remaining of this article).

Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011 BO GT (Germany) Bochum University of Applied Sciences (photographed by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker)

The interview with the German BO GT of Hochshule Bochum Solar Car team leader at Victoria Square at Adelaide, Australia, on Oct. 23, 2011, at Veiolia World Solar Challenge 2011 is available  at this link: and the Arrival of Hochschule Bochum Solar Car Team’s BO GT (Germany) at Victoria Square of WSC 2011 at this link:  BO GT culminates the experience from the “Solar World No. 1” and “BOcruiser”;this is one of the few participating cars that contains gallium arsenide solar cells/PV as part of its design whereas most of other entries had only silicon solar cells/PV.  BO GT had two seats and curvature that is more closely resembling a commuter car.  These German university students had also put on a great show for us by shouting out “Who wants a beer” to demonstrate their carrying capacity (of beers, of course) and their ritual of “burning rubber/tires” at the end of their arrival ( by lifting up the front of their car and proceeded to spin the front/drive wheels, then they slowly lowered the front of the car until the front/drive wheels made contact with the ground and smoke appears…a true performance that stimulates sound-sight-smell.)

Little did I know, that was not the end of their performance !  With the help from international companies such as SolarWorld, DHL, and BASF, these thirty engineering students from   Bochum University of Applied Sciences planned, budgeted, organized, and constructed the worldwide unique educational research project: CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE WORLD IN SOLAR CAR;this demonstrated the performance ability and suitability for daily use of vehicles with lightweight solar design and high energy efficiency under real life conditions.  To keep up with the Current Position of BO GT , the Schedule/Stages of BO GT, for a look at the of Diary of BO GT, BO GT Team,  BO GT videos, BO GT photo galleryBO GT Races, during this Circumnavigation of the World Journey.  Without further ado, I’d like to share the video clip below, of parts of the journey taken by this wonderfully energized group of future/current  engineers, bringing forth the hope and dream for all of us solar enthusiasts:

I sure hope that I’ll be able to meet up with them some time later this year to hear more of their stories and share their enthusiasm for the future outlook of solar energy. If you should have any questions, comments or suggestions that you’d like to direct toward BO GT team members or share some stories with them along their journey, here is their contact information.


Friends & Readers, those of you who is/are either residing in or know of some one residing in China, please be sure to show your hospitality (or ask your friends to show their hospitality) to BO GT team members (they are arriving in China in July, 2012) for they are carrying the torch for our solar future in the renewable energy age! Thank you!

Until I meet them again, ~I wish them all a bright and sunny day~

Gathered, written, and posted by sunisthefuture-Susan Sun Nunamaker

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