Solar Small Business Entrepreneurs May Get Funding/Grants/Loans From Various Sources


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I’ve received some of your emails regarding questions/concerns in how to obtain funding to start a solar/renewable energy/energy efficiency small business.  Here are some info/links that may be of assistance to you:

Furthermore, there are also several other avenues for finance one may consider upon starting one’s own business:

  • Self-financing
  • Loans from family and friends (agreement in writing is highly recommended)
  • Private stock issue
  • Forming partnerships  (General Partnership: all partners are individually personally responsible for their debts and all partners has the power to manage the business; Limited Partnerships: only general partners have control over management, whereas limited partners are only responsible for the debts to the extent of their investment in the business and no influence in management of the business at all; Limited Liability Partnership: all partners have limited liability but all also have power to manage the business.)
  • Venture capital: supplied by the professional investors and given to new growing businesses with impressive business venture plans. Financing is done by third-party investors investing from the professionally managed fund (generated by managing the pooled money of others.)
  • Angel Investors: wealthy individuals lending his/her own personal funds to help set up a business and in return generally acquires ownership equity of the business. Now a days, multiple Angel Investors are forming Angel Groups or Angel Networks engaging them in financing small businesses to a greater extent (example:  Oprah’s The Angel Network.)
  • Bank loans, donations, grants and subsidies are also potential sources of finance for small businesses (as seen above in various links).

Let’s speed up our ability to spread the sunshine across our planet earth by empowering  solar (or other)  entrepreneurs!  Hurry Up, there are not that many free $25 left!

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