Updates Before Results of Stage 4 of American Solar Challenge (ASC) 2012


Hi, Dear Solar Enthusiasts,

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Before the results come in for Stage 4, I’d like to respond to some of your questions regarding regulations and solar cells of this race.  Details are in links below:

*Recall our July 18, 2012 post of http://sunisthefuture.net, where one would find the heaviest Finish Penalty Time by the MIT team;this is due to  the fact that the penalty, in this case, is based on how many miles the car is trailered (please refer to Regulations above, under 8.7  Time Penaltis)and MIT’s Chopper Del Sol experienced a moderate crash on Sunday, the second day of the race for American Solar Challenge 2012. Nevertheless, the spirited MIT students quickly repaired the damaged composite body in the lower front and the affected electrical system, regained the functioning of their solar car, and aimed to finish this race.  Yes, they have definitely shown us the importance of  not to be discouraged by momentary set backs and how to get back up on the horse/solar car, in this case, in life’s journey. We shall be cheering them on.

In case some of you missed the channel/uploaded videos from sunisthefuture.net in our previous post, you will find some of our uploaded interviews  at sunisthefuture channelsusansunnunamaker’s channel of Youtube.  At this channel, you will also find other interviews/reports of World Solar Challenge 2011 and various other informative video clips.  Enjoy!  More will be coming in future posts.  Until then….

~have a bright and sunny day~

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