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Have you heard about the worst power failure in the decade in India, such that half of India could be in the dark?!  This energy crisis is caused by three of its collapsed regional grids, leaving 620 million people without government supplied electricity in one of the world’s biggest blackouts ever.  The power outage occurred a day after India’s northern power grid collapsed  but was restored several hours later. But on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, at 1:05P.M. the northern grid collapsed again (according to Shailendre Dubey, an official at the Uttar Pradesh Power Corp. of India’s largest state).  Then, about the same time, both the eastern and the northeastern grids failed.  Hundreds of trains  stalled across the country,  widespread traffic jams in New Delhi resulted from non-functional traffic lights, coal miners trapped underground, electric crematoria stopped operating….  These consecutive events of power failure, therefore, is raising serious concerns about India’s outdated infrastructure and the government’s inability to meet its energy need.

Indian Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde blamed the new crisis on states taking more than their allotted share of electricity. It is also true that Indian utilities have not been able to meet the soaring demand for electricity in recent years, with India’s Central Electricity Authority reporting power deficits of more than 8% in recent months.  This power deficit was worsened by a weak monsoon that lowered hydroelectricity generation and kept temperatures higher than usual,further increasing power demand due to need to cool off. Let’s listen to the reporting of this event, below:

Not every one in India is without power.  For those who took measures and installed solar panels and prepared themselves with solar chargers, solar generators, etc., they can obtain their energy from the sun.  If there were more people using solar power in India, it would/could have reduced the stress on the power grid (the brighter and sunnier it is, the more solar power would have been generated and would have placed less demand on the power grid). This is a wake up call for all of us in the rest of the world because power outage may also occur in other parts of the world.  This is the reason why I started Sun Is The Future ( to call attention to the need for decentralized solar power distribution) and now I have also installed amazon ad widgets on this site so visitors to the site may freely browse and purchase  solar products from to prepare for future emergency situations and/or make the transition into renewable/solar energy age.

Let’s hope our friends in India will soon be able to resolve this power problem.  Let’s find some ways to send/supply our friends in India with solar power. Any of your suggestions will be welcomed below or at

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