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This is a continuation of our previous August 23, 2012 post on U.S. military’s renewable energy projects that will benefit more than just the military.  Below, I would like to share a video clip where a former Air Force Major praises the Mobile MaxPure in a Pentagon Channel news report, commenting that this mobile unit containing a portable solar powered generator and water purification system capable of producing up to 30,000 gallons of water per day.  Major Jesse Stewart indicated that U.S. military personnel trained the Iraqi military personnel who subsequently trained the Iraqi civilians to use this Mobile MaxPure, a stand alone system that purifies water, dramatically improving the lives of many near Soder City, Iraq.  Its three stages of purification process would remove dirt, silt, sand, bacteria, pathogens, cysts, and viruses, allowing the water to meet local water quality requirements as well as World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking water quality.  This is definitely the type of humanitarian measures/aids surely welcomed by many civilians in many parts of the developing world.  I can also see its applications during times of emergency or natural disasters in developed nations, such as Fukushima incident in 2011 or during Hurricanes Katrina and Hurricane Hugo.

Hurricane Katrina (wikimedia)




Hurricane Hugo

The fact that it is a stand alone unit, transportable by car/truck and light enough even to be helicoptered into an area of need would make this mobile unit indispensable during natural disasters .  For more on specifics on Mobile MaxPure, <–click and view the video below and the video clip in our next (August 25, 2012) post:


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