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As I’ve promised you in our previous August 24, 2012 post, I found a video with more detailed descriptions of Mobile MaxPure (<– click for specifics) MMP unit for you.  As you can see, this stand alone transportable, air liftable unit is able to provide potable water (30,000 gallons per day), communications via satellite phone (capable of voice and data), power, and lighting.  As it turned out, its original inception was inspired by Hurricane Katrina.  Its unique folding array design allows its solar panels to be folded tightly against the body of the unit, easily shipped inside of the standard shipping container unit. The unit weighs 8500 lbs and can be towed by medium size pickup.  Its silicon durable and rugged solar arrays (3.2 kilowatts) may be tilted (ranging from 0 to 25 degrees) to optimize the amount of energy to be collected from the sun. The solar energy collected during the day may also be stored in the rugged battery bank provided by this MMP unit, fulfilling the need for water purification and lighting operations during the night.  This three-stage water purification system has a mass-media filter, a carbon filter, and a UV water filter system;it also has two parallel pathways for ease of maintenance and mechanical and electrical interlock to prevent contaminated water from entering the clean water supply. The 3000 watt on board power inverter converts the dc power from the sun to the  ac useable power for lighting, water purification, and operation of power tools.  Take a look, this gadget may be able to provide the power need for a whole subdivision in times of disaster relief, below:

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