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Today I came across the wikipedia site for President Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” Initiative and found no mention of any solar energy projects…but remembering reading about various solar projects in early part of August  this year under this initiative.  Definitely, a point that needs to be corrected/updated.  So, here is my contribution for the humanity in wikipedia world, the 11th item under Executive actions of “We Can’t Wait”, under Wikipedia:

11. President Obama has expedited seven solar and wind energy projects (August 7, 2012) in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Wyoming. Together, these infrastructure projects will produce nearly 5,000 MW of clean energy, according to the White House. The five solar projects include the following installations:

  • *Quartzsite Solar Energy, a 100 MW concentrating solar power (CSP) plant under development in Arizona by Solar Reserve.
  • *Desert Harvest Solar Energy, a 150 MW PV plant under development by enXco in California.
  • *McCoy Solar Energy, a 750 MW PV plant under development by NextEra in California.
  • *Moapa Solar Energy Center, a multiple-technology solar plant under development by RES Americas and the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians in Nevada. The 200 MW project would employ 100 MW of PV technology and 100 MW of CSP technology.
  • *Silver State South, a 350 MW PV plant under development in Nevada by First Solar.[14]

Below, you will find a vido clip summarizing the spirit of “We Can’t Wait” Initiative:

President Obama, might you also consider helping us with implementation of effective Feed-In-Tariff for Renewable Energy ?  It will do much in job creations, bring forth communities’ economic prosperity, reduction in pollution, decrease chance of warfare among nations, and solution for our energy problems.



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