Lumos’ PowerPort Solar Carport-With Both Function and Aesthetics


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The treasure I’ve discovered at Solar Power International (SPI) 2012 today is from a fairly new company based in Colorado call Lumos.  It may actually be used as a carport or patio, and in some cases, even as a walkway.  With its treated cedar and pine, the whole structure presents itself with a level of warmth and comfort rarely associated with the metal-framed structure.

Below is an interview with Lumos’ latest Solarscapes product line, the PowerPort Solar Carport, a freestanding carport (which may also be used as a patio or walkway) that integrates bifacial solar panels manufactured by Sanyo into its structure. It is designed to be delivered virtually anywhere and takes only one day (12 hours) to install. The 3.42 kW structure provides not only shade and shelter, but generates enough electricity to offset a modest household’s electrical needs or the recharging of two electric vehicle.

“The PowerPort Solar Carport is an easy, attractive and functional way to maximize an investment in a solar energy system for a home or business,” comments President of Lumos, Scott Franklin. (Source: Lumos Solar)

Lumos Solar: 303-449-2394

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