ReVolt House of TU Delft at Solar Decathlon Europe 2012


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Another intriguing design at Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 awaits you!  This particular design, ReVolt House,  is created by students of the Technical University of Delft of the Netherland.  Considering how prevalent water is throughout the densely populated Netherland, its national concern for potential failure of its dikes, added to climate change,  it is no wonder that the design from a Netherland university  is combining floatation and rotation, offering a unique floating solar home solution, joining aspects of energy production, sustainability, adaptability, and life style.  The ReVolt House consists of three living zones (zones for sleeping, dining, and living), grouped in circular open floor layout, in response to the rotation of the house. The primary spaces revolve around a centrally located aesthetic bathing space. Each of these spaces has a technical  area associated with it (kitchen-dining area; home entertainment-living area;toilet-sleeping area).  During summer, the closed facade is facing the sun, preventing the interior from heating up.  During winter, the large glazed facade is constantly facing the sun, insuring sufficient amount of daylight for the interior as well as passive heat gains.  Throughout the day, the ReVolt House would rotate to frame the view of different landscape features.  By interlinking the inhabitants’ daily and seasonal natural cycles, the quality of living space is dramatically improved.  Sleeping area is designed to be flexible, easily accommodating different events.  Electricity and hot water are generated by the solar collectors on the roof.  Rainwater are collected at the bottom of the storage tank for future use.  The facade facing the sun heats up, causing stack effect, drawing air via ducts through the building. Water sprayed into the duct system. Evaporation causes cooling in the interior.  Let’s take a look at this unique design, below:

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Unfortunately, this particular design did not make it to Madrid, Spain for the competition…perhaps another year…but it certainly is a unique design that may answer much of the concern for residents in Netherland.


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