Counter Entropy House of RWTH Aachen University (Germany)-Solar Decathlon Europe 2012


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Remember Solar Decathlon Europe is being held in Madrid, Spain this year, an international student competition to improve awareness for solar energy.  The RWTH Aachen University of Germany aims to create a new understanding of energy efficient buildings via the design Counter Entropy House.  The Counter Entropy House/concept has three goals in mind:

  1. Reduce waste: avoiding inseparable connections between different materials while building the house.  After disassembly of the house, all parts can be separated and recycled.
  2. Reuse: using components from recycled or directly reused products. So products get at least a second usage before returning to product cycle.
  3. Conserving resources: only using resources when/where it is really necessary and handling building material with thoughtfulness.

Counter Entropy House is a one story building designed for two, with a smooth transition between interior and exterior.  The site of construction is based on 20m x 20m platform.  The height is  80cm.  The flat roof is the main element of the house and covers the function of the living zones;it extends over the facade and offers a shaded place. The building can be classified in three vertical zones of privacy.  The first horizontal zone, the solid base, generates the first stage by raising the building from the ground and defining a clear border to the public space.  The second horizontal zone, the roof, creates the second stage of privacy by clearly defining the space from two sides. The third vertical zone is the most private created by the building envelope within the open space.  A curtain can be pulled  around the roof’s edge to enlarge the inner private zone.  The widely cantilevering roof allows the zones conjoin to one by dissolving the building’s envelope.  There is a smooth transition between the interior and exterior generated by the strong visual axes and intensified by the continuous floor and ceiling material, due to the clear zoning.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at this design, below:

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