World’s Top PV Power Stations, as of Oct., 2012


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Solar PV cells convert sunlight into electricity and many solar PV stations have been built over the years. For a quick recap of  “What Is Solar Cell” at Sun Is The Future, take a look at these links below:

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  7. What Is Solar Cell (7)Please allow me to share with you some of the top photovoltaic  power stations that are larger than 25 MW in current net capacity. These stations have progressively increased in size over the past decade.  At this very moment, October of 2012, the largest three individual photovoltaic (PV) power plants in the world are Agua Caliente Solar Project (Arizona of USA, 247 MW connected and to increase to 397 MW when completed), Charanka Solar Park (India, 214 MW connected and to increase to 500 MW when completed), Golmud Solar Park (China, 200 MW connected with annual production of  317 GWh and completed in October, 2011). But keep in mind that solar industry is very dynamic and therefore these order may be in flux.  Here at Sun Is The Future, we will keep you informed of these fluctuations.  Please see the chart below, as of October, 2012:  *Note: I need to check on Agua Caliente’s maximum generating capacity because many sources indicated 290 MW whereas Wikipeida indicated 397 MW. I will get back to you on this after further investigation.

World's Top PV Power Stations As of Oct., 2012 (Source: Wikipedia)

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