In The Aftermath of Sandy, A Call For More Solar Energy !


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One of the comments I’ve received from one of our Visitors/Viewers/Readers, via FaceBook, with regard to our Oct. 30, 2012 post “In Light of Hurricane Sandy, We Need More Solar Power ! We Need More Distributed Solar Power !, below:

My guess Susan is that solar energy provided less than .0001% of the energy in the storm region during this storm.”

I am glad that J had brought this up and my response to J is:  But J, we’re talking about after the storm…these regions will be out of power for days to weeks because they are not on distributed solar power. And they’re much more likely to be able to have power if they were on distributed solar power….not to mention the fact that if there were greater dependence on solar power and less dependence on fossil fuels, Hurricane Sandy would probably have been of much lower intensity level.   At this point, I’d like to reiterate item 10. and item 17. of  our Oct. 30 post:

  • 10.This afternoon, the climate activist group said it had asked its nationwide network of supporters to not only donate to the Red Cross in the aftermath of this week’s  devastating storm, but also to “urge the fossil fuel industry to divert the millions of dollars they are spending to influence the election towards vital recovery efforts.”  The group posted a petition on its website and claimed that “thousands” had already signed it.  Scientists say pollution arising from the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal significantly contributes to global warming, which in turn can increase the intensity of storms like Hurricane Sandy.  If you are interested in supporting  members in 189 countries, please go to
  • 17. Former VP Al Gore’s  blog post warned today, “the storm that ravaged the East Coast Monday is “a disturbing sign of things to come. We must heed this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis. Dirty energy makes dirty weather.”
  • I would also like to invite you to see this clip below, on “Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Widespread Power Outages Expected”, with forecast of potentially 10 millions without electricity (whereas Irene left 7 millions without electricity) for a week or more:

    Here, at Sun Is The Future, we are calling for more Solar Power, we are calling for more Large-Scale and Distributed Solar Power! We need more  Solar Power everywhere ! Not only is Solar Power the cleanest power that would help to reduce the dumping of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every day, reduce the climate crisis, it is also more likely to allow us to have distributed power that would enable us to respond during crisis, enabling us to still have power individually rather than massively be without power. Write to your state (current and future) legislators and show your concern and support for policies that would encourage installations of Solar and Renewable Energy!  Time to Act!  At this point, I would like to invite you to visit several sites below, to help further your understanding and appreciation of some of the initiatives that have taken place.  Right now more than 16 states are in the process of working on State Initiatives for Solar. Please visit .  Nebraska state has a group working on this also, even though they may not be currently listed under the State Initiatives at and the same is true for Florida and others. So keep checking back for other states that will be added in the future.  To find out your state candidates’ past voting record, please go to .  For more information on how you may be able to take part in helping to make the transition into our Renewable/ Solar Energy Age, please visit these sites below:

    1. & VoteSolar YouTube Channel
    2. American Solar Energy Society
    3. Alliance For Renewable Energy
    4. Solar Electric Power Association
    5. Solar Energy Industries Association
    6. Sun Is The Future & sunisthefuture YouTube Channel

    Please also keep in mind to check on the voting record of your respective state candidates and choose to support those who will support Effective/Sound  Renewable/Solar Energy bills !  If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/concerns, please feel free to email and I will try to answer/respond/try to set your mind at ease or redirect you to better source. Please let us know if you’ve had some experience (in working toward/making the transition toward the solar/renewable energy age) that you’d like to share with others/us.

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