Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Concern-Will This Lead To WWIII?


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In late December of 2012, I was rather troubled by some of the analysis and prediction by the Australian Professor Hugh White, forecasting the potential war between China and Japan in the 2013, with inevitable U.S. involvement over claims to Senkaku islands (also known as Diaoyu islands by the Chinese).  Here is the article, Professor Predicts War Between China and Japan, by Hugh White (<–please click), in Globalpost.

The Diaoyu Islands (also known as Senkaku Islands among Japanese) are a group of uninhabited islands  east of mainland China, northeast of Taiwan, west of Okinawa Island, and north of the southwestern end of the Ryukyu Islands.  They are currently controlled by Japan and both China and Taiwan claim sovereignty over the islands.  Some of you may wonder why is there such an escalating territorial row between Beijing and Tokyo over these bunch of rocks of uninhabited islands.  Well, the value of Diaoyu islands (Chinese) or Senkaku islands (Japanese) dramatically shot up and became the center of attention after an obscure 1969 United Nations report suggesting the seabed in the area could contain an oil bonanza.  Apparently this document produced from surveys conducted by an international team of experts (including scientists from China and Japan) never gave any estimate of the reserves. It seems, to me, that the mere suggestion of vast reserves that the continental shelf between Taiwan and Japan could hold a staggering 100 billion barrels of oil was enough to set off a territorial scramble.

Taiwan and Japan Coast Guard vessels during a confrontation on July 4, 2012

Below is a video clip of Cross Talk (of Russia Today) on the topic of China vs Japan Islands Dispute:

Professor White, in the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote that we are now witnessing the types of conditions that have historically led to war, despite the conflict being in no one’s interest.  He further indicated that the war would not necessarily be contained or short.  It does seem laughably unthinkable that the three richest countries of our planet (two of which are nuclear armed) would go to war over something so trivial.  But history reminds us not to confuse what starts a war with what causes it.  The escalation of tit-for-tat without a clear circuit-breaker may lead to some point when shots will be exchanged;once such spiraling to war begins, neither side will win  and it would be devastating not just for China and Japan, but for rest of the planet earth.

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