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In the upcoming posts, I will bring you a series of reports on solar propelled vehicles. Please allow me to start by showing you the Soliloquy, the super-green superyacht.  This 190-foot (58 m) design, with  600 sq meters of solar surface coverage and a rigid wing rig of three solar sails (which can collect enough energy during 12 hours of sun to allow the Soliloquy to run fuel-free at nearly eight knots),  developed by Alastair Callender, would be able to fully propel itself using a combination of solar, wind, and hybrid marine power technology from the Australian company Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd. and will produce virtually no carbon emissions.  Some may even think it looks like a metamorphic alien mothership!

Be prepare to be mesmerized by this design that pushes the boundaries of both clean living and luxury yacht of the future:

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