How U.S. Public Is Being Misled About Solar Energy


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I’ve debated over and over whether or not to bother addressing this laughable report. But upon further contemplation, I believe it deserves at least a mention because it helps us to realize part of a very serious problem here in U.S.  The link at the end of this paragraph is an interview  from Fox News. The Fox reporter tells the U.S. public (during a talk show) that solar energy maybe a success story in Germany, but cannot be successfully implemented in U.S. because Germany is a small country and have more sun. This could not be further from the truth! Germany receives less sunlight than Anchorage, Alaska of  U.S. !  This Fox reporter also named a list of 1% of solar companies that had failed, without mentioning the other 99% of solar companies that had succeeded.   If this Fox reporter has done more home work, she would have discovered that the real reason why solar energy has been such a success story in Germany  is due to a successfully implemented incentive policy, Feed-In-Tariff, which I have in the past and will also cover again in a future post.  The type of biased reporting by Fox is extremely misleading.  In case any one among our visitors/viewers/readers wants evidential support, here is the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Solar Resource map comparison (provided by NREL, National Renewable Energy Lab) of the U.S., Germany, Spain,  Alaska (USA), Mainland (USA), and Hawaii (USA). Here, at Sun Is The Future, though a small organization, we routinely check with multiple sources before publishing any of the posts.  This (video of the misleading Fox report) is the reason that Sun Is The Future exists, to correct or supplement what’s been wrongfully or biasedly presented by our network media.  We may be small, but we do our home work and we remain faithful to the truth.

More truths will come forth in future posts.

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