Solaire Generation Converts Solar Carports Into Solar Power Plants


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On more than one occasion, during my years of travel, I’ve often been disappointed by the tremendous amount of unused surface areas of rooftops and carports as the plane descend at each and every city in USA.  It always struck me as such a waste of real estate.  That is why it is my pleasure to bring you a short introduction of Solaire Generation, for it specializes in transforming outdoor parking lots into beautiful solar power plants.

Solaire Generation’s Solar Carport designs

Solaire Generation’s Solar Carports










Solaire Generation installed a 3.6 MW Premium F1 canopy system for Dow Jones, the largest corporate solar parking project in the USA.

Solaire Generation’s Premium solar carport design

Rutgers University installed a 8 MW Solaire 360 solar carport structure, one of the largest solar parking projects in the world.

Below, are the economic and environmental benefits listed by Solaire Generation:

  1. reduce and fix energy costs
  2. recoup investment in as little as three years
  3. increase parking satisfaction and experience
  4. reduce property carbon footprint
  5. generate new revenue streams
  6. receive as many as 10 LEED certification points
  7. take a significant step towards energy independence

Let’s take a look at this short introduction video, below:

As Solaire Generation continues being recognized as the leading innovator in the market for solar structures and system by the US military and major universities, I wish Solaire Generation success in helping to pave the way for American Independence by Renewable Energy, as intended by SOLAIRE GENERATION.Solaire Generation for American Independence by Renewable Energy

Let’s hope that as time progresses, there will be greater streamlining of the soft costs such as the permitting process. More inter-state collaboration would be helpful in accomplishing this task.

I will look forward to seeing many many more covered carports, generating solar power. Perhaps I won’t be as disappointed in the future as the plane descends in US cities.

~have a bright and sunny day~

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