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I am bringing you an interview with Director Gideon Needleman of Perlight Solar.  Perlight Solar Co, Ltd. is an integrated solar module manufacturer with operations in Asia, Europe and North America. Perlight Solar is a subsidiary of the Baolite Group and has a history of over 30 years. Its North American operations are coordinated from the southern California office with additional module production in Texas.

Perlight Solar line of USA Series solar modules is now listed for use by the California Energy Commission. All major manufacturing steps for American-made modules are done in TX, including cell tabbing, stringing, layup, and lamination. These panels are designed to take advantage of the domestic PV supply chain and can include over 90% domestic content, making it perfect for Buy American, ARRA and Ex-Im Bank funded projects. The USA Series includes high efficiency monocrystalline modules such as 60-cell 250 w and larger 80-cell 350 w modules. Products has already shipped out to projects in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, New York, and Ohio. Home Power Magazine recognizes Perlight’s entire line of solar panels as the “best bang for your buck” in America in the 2012 PV Module Guide.

Director Needleman is optimistic about the future of solar industries in USA and is looking forward to the years to come. He emphasized the affordability of solar modules and Perlight Solar’s effort in assisting potential clients with financing.
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