Elon Musk, The Man Behind Tesla-SpaceX-SolarCity, Also Believes In Solar Future!


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I’ve got to share this TED talk with you! I enjoyed this clip so much that I kept on playing it over and over again. Even though I’ve previously written a post, Oct. 3, 2012, titled “Game Changer: Tesla’s Supercharger, Using Solar Power, Fills Your Tank For Free! it is great to ¬†hear an even more in-depth discussion with Elon Musk, the South African-born American entrepreneur best known for founding SpaceX

Elon Musk in Mission Control at SpaceX

and co-founding Tesla Motors

Tesla Model S

and PayPal. Elon Musk talks about the need for sustainable electricity energy production as well as sustainable consumption. It is great to hear some one who also agrees with the premise behind Sun Is The Future, that solar energy will ultimately become the major source of our energy production in the future. As he indicated, the Sun as our fusion generator in the sky, is waiting to be tapped for the continuation of our human civilization. Much of our ecosystem is already solar-powered. The important thing for us to do now is to get the cost of installation and cost of financing down. Therefore, Elon Musk also became the force behind SolarCity, an American provider of energy services to homeowners, businesses and government/non-profit organizations, to design, finance, and install solar energy systems, to perform energy efficiency audits and retrofits and to build charging stations for electric vehicles.  With the help of SolarCity concept, it would enable giant distributed utility, insuring future majority energy source being solar while allowing greater percentage of the human population to take part in the use and implementation of solar energy. Furthermore, you will get to see reusable rocket as part of the footage of this video clip. Enjoy the energy and intensity of Elon Musk, in this video below:
Hear! Hear! Elon! All of us in solar energy world applaud you for being a very significant part of the force working for the future of our humanity!

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