Solar/Renewable Energy As Part of Haute Couture


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I am more convinced than ever before that Solar/Renewable Energy  is here to stay as a major league player!

Yesterday the post on Elon Musk’s affirmation for Solar Energy was quite encouraging for those of us rooting for the Sun. But then I saw a link in Pinterest today,, full of photos of  Chanel’s “Renewable-Energy-Themed” Fashion Show for Spring/Summer collection of 2013, with slender models strutting down the catwalk above shimmering solar-panel-like flooring and below towering wind turbines.  Even though they were not after the electricity generation,  but the looks of the panels and the rhythm of the wind machines, creating the theme of a fresh and clean futuristic world that spoke loudly of the acceptance and worthy aesthetic of our renewable energy future. Take a look at the video clip below:

Can you imagine the same kind of display setting near an oil refinery,  a coal mine, or a nuclear power plant? Doesn’t it seem quite clear what the people want in our energy future?

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